From One Border to the Next

So, Washington didn’t work out. You’re probably not surprised if you read my previous post- I wrote it and we moved 3 days later. To be honest, we took a huge risk leaving Charleston. We turned the chapter on our first home together, we made the decision to move forward in our careers, we said goodbye to our dear friends, our backyard, the low country, and the coast. It was a risk we were willing to take but unfortunately you have to take risks in life to find what’s right in your world- and Bellingham, Washington wasn’t, nor was working for a private family.

I can honestly say that my journey has always been “different” than everyone else I grew up with. I didn’t go to Dance Club in middle school because I was dancing 30 hours a week pre-professionally starting in 6th grade, which those hours only escalated until I graduated high school. I spent my senior year in a ballet studio instead of at football games and prep rallies, I spent my senior spring break preforming in The Sleeping Beauty on stage at The Wortham instead of going to Cabo San Lucas with my entire graduating class. I didn’t go to a four year university, I never joined a sorority. I went to community college, and then culinary school. I chose to blow my paychecks from working as a hostess on prosciutto, expensive ass cheese (that I shouldn’t have been purchasing), Chianti from Trader Joes, and Blue Bell. My idea of self care meant going to Elizabeth Street Cafe on my night off, ordering spring rolls, Bún bò Huế, a Nutella eclair, and Vietnamese coffee…money that I definitely didn’t have to spend but I chose to anyways because it was important to me and it made me happy. I never have worked a 9-5 and don’t plan on it. I don’t have a undergraduate degree, or a masters. I have a passion for cooking and hospitality, I have a man that understands that about me and who is equally in love with cheese as I am. Thats the thing about cooking- the career options are endless. You can work in a high profile kitchens, catering and event companies, in someones house as a private chef, on a yacht, on a cruise ship, or in a hotel. You can work in the USA or Mexico, or France, or Vietnam. The world is your fucking oyster. As long as your willing to take it on, one chapter at a time.

With all of that being said- it comes from a loving place. I applaud those who have a professional career and a 401K, seriously. As long as you are doing what you LOVE that’s all that matters. And if you’re not head over heels for your job, what are you waiting for? My momma always taught me to do what makes you happy. Sounds so ridiculously cliche but you have one life to live so make the absolute best of it. 

Zachary and I had a hell of a 3 month adventure- six thousand miles turned into ten thousand, we visited 17 states, drove to Canada and flew to Mexico. I’ve spent more time with my family in the past three months than I have in the past three years… which I am so grateful for. We got engaged (!!!), we are planning a destination wedding, and we are currently en route to Tulum because we are moving there to work at Hartwood. I am writing this in the Baltimore airport and we board the plane in an hour.

I am so fucking excited and I am so fucking anxious. 



One thought on “From One Border to the Next

  1. A great summation about who you are and where y’all are going. This will be a grand new chapter in your lives and I’m so proud of you both. Go get em’ baby!


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