The Holiday Season Abroad: Living in the Yucatán

It’s been a minute y’all. Just checking in now that I finally have some time to reflect on the past couple months (how is it 2019 already?!?!) On the cusp of the busiest season at Hartwood, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, and trying to re-settle into our house after dealing with two different break ins (yes I am serious, yes we are okay, and yes I understand no one is going to visit us ever again) 

I have spent the holidays away from family as long as I have been in the restaurant industry- always working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Years… that doesn’t make it any easier but it’s the reality of food & beverage and I have come to terms with it. What I haven’t fully come to terms with is the concept of time, and how fast it has gone by. I feel like I started this blog yesterday documenting our journey leaving Charleston and traveling across the country- now nearly a year later I find myself living in Tulum, Mexico and I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas just went in the blink of an eye. Yes, we had a charlie brown christmas tree, stockings hanging from our stairs, and a wreath on the door- but our house was broken into not once but TWICE two weeks before Christmas… so that basically ruined all the vibes in the house. Obviously home intruders can happen anywhere, but while living abroad, in a foreign country, in what you think is a quiet town, in a quiet neighborhood… it is 100% unsettling. We have raised the fence, heightened the security, hired a new security guard, and put bars on the window…which definitely has made our living situation a lot more comforting but it was definitely a wake up call for us our first couple months back in Tulum. And on top of all that awfulness, our dear friends Courtney and Michael were in town and had to experience all of it. Anywho, for whoever reads this- I am glad I am sharing my story because people think they come to Tulum and they are in a hippie paradise but the reality is that you are visiting a foreign country and you must have your guard up at all times.

On a brighter note- we spent Zachary’s 30th birthday in paradise at Solimans Bay, we spent New Years celebrating at Pablo Escobars old mansion and watched the sunrise, we got a fishing pole for weekend activities, my beautiful family from London, Houston, and Chihuahua visited, Zachary bought a bad ass Hondo moto so he finally has two wheels to buzz around on while I have my cute beach cruiser… so all is well here.

I promise I will check in more! Pinky.


6 thoughts on “The Holiday Season Abroad: Living in the Yucatán

  1. I want to know if they stole your Christmas presents and tell you that when I come to visit I will bring protection. That is, if I am allowed across the border. Hopefully, I will not need a ladder. Love and miss you. Barbara


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