New Mexico: Carlsbad Caverns National Park & Santa Fe

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

We took an elevator 750 feet down into this cavern which is the size of 14 football fields (!!!!!) I had my ears closed and eyes covered the whole elevator ride down, but y’all… it was totally worth it. The cave hovers around 58 degrees and has well marked trails so you can acknowledge the cavern in all of its beauty.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

highlights: Meow Wolf, Pasquals, Georgia O’Keefe Museum

I have been wanting to visit Santa Fe ever since I was a tater tot. It is a place where my mom and dad would go to celebrate… it had a very special meaning to them at one point in their lives and it has always enchanted me as a small town, covered in adobes, turquoise sidewalks, snow capped mountains, and decadent southwestern cuisine. Z and I spent two nights here and had a ball.





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