One Year in The Yucatán

I know I don’t get around here as much as I want to but I just can’t get over the fact that we moved to Tulum over a year ago. I have documented our emotional journey, through instagram posts and random blog posts where I randomly share a lot of emotional shit… but that’s why I made this bad boy. I love looking back at where I was a year ago, and knowing what was going through my mind and heart… because pictures don’t always do that justice.

This time last year I was 15 pounds overweight, confused with my career path, healing (and over one year later, STILL healing from an ectopic pregnancy), and moving to a foreign place… because WHY not, we had nothing else to lose. Of course there were many moments where I didn’t know if there was ever going to be a light at the end of the tunnel… but having the most supportive partner in the whole entire world made every doubt of mine disappear.

ONE year later- I have an amazing work life, social life, home life, happy life, healthy(ish) life, and a clear vision of what I want for our future. I truly believe that Zachary and I subconsciously moved to Mexico because we were searching for answers and a clear conscious after our dramatic (and somewhat failed) cross country move. We are currently cooking and doing what we love down here and even have the ability to have a quality of life. Not to mention we are planning our wedding… which is just so fucking exciting.

Some lessons I have learned about myself through my journey in past 365 days:

In all of those moments where I was filled with so much doubt and anxiety, I just had to keep reminding myself to live in the present.

Don’t be such a stranger, your family and friends want to hear from you. Just because you are wrapped up in your own shit, unravel yourself and lean on your loved ones. Also, don’t be so afraid to make new friends. New friends create new experiences, new adventure, and new energy to your little world.

Working in a healthy and optimistic kitchen is a game changer. No one should settle for a negative and pessimistic work environment.

Most importantly, always stay curious.

I promise I will try to not be such a stranger danger. It’s more of a personal promise than to anyone who actually reads this ole’ thang.


5 thoughts on “One Year in The Yucatán

  1. Seriously crying ….. These blogs are such a wonderful way to share your journey, and they always make me feel even closer to you. Thank you for being brave and bold enough to live your life out loud. This is your life and the legacy you are creating. I love you!


  2. Hi Hannah, I am a chef and my husband and I are thinking about moving to Tulum. Lots of people are concerned for us and I think they think we are crazy. Are the sewage problems that bad? Is it unsafe? Should we run from this idea or to Tulum? It’
    s a big move for us and our pets. Any real advice or feedback on what you loved and hated would be great!!!! My insta is @amarketaffair and email is


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