Houston, Texas

We got off the plane in Charleston, gassed up the Jeep and started driving west. We stayed in Greenville, SC with our dear friends Jon and Kari, drank PBR and caught up about the past 6 months. Jon worked at Husk Charleston with us and left in September to open up Husk Greenville as Chef de Cuisine. Not only was JB my greatest mentor but one of our closest friends- Kari and Jon will wed this spring and we are so excited for the life they have ahead of them! From Greenville, we drove through the Cherokee National Forest (insane drive along the Ocoee River) and met up for dinner in Tennessee with Zachary’s father Jimmy and his wife Kimberly. Even though it was short, it was so sweet, and long overdue. I am so glad that I finally got to meet them.

From Cleveland, Tennessee we drove straight south to Atlanta to stay with some our favorite people on the planet- Nick and Jesse. Zachary and Nick had a close friendship before I started working at Husk, and through Nick, I met Jesse- his better half. They just started their new chapter in Atlanta, something that Zachary and I can both relate to. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking a leap into the unknown is pretty damn scary but it can open so many new doors that you never knew exsisted- which is exactly what N+J are doing and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

From Atlanta we made the 12 hour haul to Houston, listened to the “Up and Vanished Podcast”, which I highly recommend if you have 13 hours to kill. Once we got to my family home in Houston, my mom had two glasses of wine, Whataburger, and chocolate chip cookies waiting for us… she is the angel of all angels. Zachary woke up Friday with a sinus infection, so we battled it the best way we knew how- kolaches, donuts, and cold pressed juice from JuiceLand. Our one day in Houston consisted of Shawarma for lunch, a tour of Minute Maid (where my big bro works!), shopping down in Montrose, Sylvia’s for dinner (Momma Devlin and sweet Emma joined us), took a glance at my brothers new apartment overlooking downtown Houston, and had drinks on Main Street with my babies, Courtney and Michael. We spent less than 48 hours in my hometown but I’m okay with it, I gave all the hugs I needed to and ate all the Tex-Mex I could handle. I’m just crossing my fingers that my fam will be up to visit Washington in no time. 

We are currently heading West to spend time with my Pops in the Hill Country, then off to Marfa. Stayed tuned xx


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