Summertime Realness: Living in the Yucatán


To be honest- I am not homesick. For my entire life, I attributed Houston as my home… but my momma always told me, “home is where the heart is” which I guess in that case it means it’s all over the map. Boot, scoot, and boog’in outta Texas was the greatest thing I ever did… I moved to Charleston, where I was able to (kinda) grow the fuck up and follow my dreams, and also meet the love of my life. Six months after leaving Charleston, I am now sitting in my long term AirBnB rental in Mexico, writing this post, sipping tequila (if you know me on a personal level, I have swapped the tequila for Chianti) and I am craving sour skittles and a PBR.

That is where homesickness comes into play- as all things go, you seem to “miss” the things you can’t have: Raising Canes, Christy’s Donuts, a Little Jacks Hamburger, parmesan cheese.  But other than that, I am so ignited by this tiny town of 18,000 people. I don’t have room to miss my bed, Tulip, 24/7 air conditioning, or our storage pod of personal belongings sitting in a random U-haul lot in Bellingham, Washington. I don’t have time to miss my cute Jeepy because I am more infatuated with catching a cab or discovering our neighborhood by foot. Undoubtedly, I miss my sweet family and friends, but I am at ecstatic to be living in Tulum, Mexico.

Anyways, in honor of a belated July 4th…below is a collection of pictures of this time last year. A collection of things that I might “miss” just a little.











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