Texas Hill Country: Kerrville & Marfa Texas

I’ve been wanting to take Z out to west Texas ever since we met, I knew I wouldn’t be able to convince him to appreciate Houston the way I do- he is a man of the mountains, the outdoors, fresh water lakes, and foliage… something that H-town just doesn’t offer. My pops invited us out to our family friends beautiful ranch outside of Kerrville (thank you again for having us Andrea, Charles, and Daph!), We ate, drank, laughed, chilled, and soaked up that crisp hill country air. The property is filled with an abundance of wildlife which was so fun to see on the ATV- horses, cows, axis deer, chickens, antelope, blackbucks, white tails, and armadillos. We drove into Fredericksburg for the day and did a lot of walking, window shopping, and cowboy boot searchin’. It was like a walk down memory lane for me- my family used to spend at least one week a summer down in Doss, Texas and our drives down to Fredericksburg were some of the highlights from my childhood. From grocery runs, to ice cream stops, to interrogating any adult who was in the driver seat on our way into town- I learned a lot about my loved ones that way, and myself. It was such a pleasure to cook the classics from my childhood with my pops and Zachary- Randy was grilling steaks while Z and I assembled all the sides (I’ll post some recipes… I promise!) I’m so glad I was able to get some Randy Miller time in on our road trip, I feel like there’s never enough hours in the day when we are together.

A long, flat, and empty 5 hour drive west, we found ourself in Marfa, Texas. I’ve been fantasizing about this watering hole in the middle of nowhere Texas for years now, and lets just say it is one disorienting place. If you’re approaching from the west, there is literally nothing along I-10 besides 80mph road signs, oil rigs, and highway upon highway. The town of Marfa was founded in the late 1800’s as a place where steam trains would stop and stock up on water, now it is known for it’s art culture and paranormal light activity (the town itself has one light!) We stayed in a dated desert airbnb, visited the infamous Prada Marfa, ate some really awful food in Alpine (because Marfa is basically shut down on Monday’s and Tuesday’s), drank stellar margaritas at Hotel Saint George, and drove out to see the Marfa Lights where we not only saw the Milky Way but bizarre paranormal light activity. One night in that desert town was enough for the both of us, and we started our morning driving up to New Mexico.

Stay tuned, xx


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