September Reflection

Well, as some of you might know… our wedding was postponed. Which to be honest, completely sucks. You know when you are looking forward to something SO much- counting down the days, thinking about it every night before you fall asleep, losing sleep over it, those Christmas Eve jitters, and all around butterflies. Those are basically all of the amazing feels we have been feeling over the past year… which ended up as the ultimate buzz kill when Hurricane Dorian came into the picture (with all of this being said, my heart breaks for the people of the Bahamas and our sadness in no way compares to the destruction and devastation they are going through)

SO, when you wedding venue cancels on your wedding week, and your wedding is postponed, and your flight to Paris for your honeymoon is cancelled… you just have to know and remind yourself that the universe has something else planned. As frustrated and sad as we both are, Zachary and I are planning to just get lost in the woods for the next couple of weeks. We want to cook, eat, hike, drink, and sit by the campfire and talk about all the things that truly make us happy. And post about it along the way.

To all the people that have reached out to us and loved on us from near and far, we are so grateful for ALL of you. We have such an amazing support system and we couldn’t do it without y’alls positive energy and unconditional love.

Pure Bliss: Engagement Feels

I can’t begin to explain just how full my heart is. Zachary and I’s engagement has been hands down, some of the best days of my life (thus far). I write this two weeks (to the date!) of our big day and I just have some things on my mind that I would love to share with y’all… and for myself to reflect on five years from now.

Over the past 19 months, we have been all over the damn place. We have moved from Charleston to Washington, Washington to Mexico, we have been to Europe and back, Texas and back, New York and back, lived in 5 apartments in one year… yes you read that right, but the one constant has been our love for one another. The midnight snuggles, the morning motorcycle rides to work, the Monday and Tuesday adventures (aka our days off), the daily wedding conversation, the vow writing, the honeymoon planning, and the daily countdown. I remember when we were counting down 215 days out, and now we are just 14 days out! How crazy is that? I have this huge lump in my stomach, but its just a ball of PURE BLISS… pure bliss. I can’t wait to see my man at the end of the aisle. September 7th will be the best day of my life, no doubt.

The best part of this whole process is that my partner has been such a team player and has been so involved in this entire wedding process. Another thing- having a partial wedding planner was the best decision I could have ever made. Our planner has been essential during this entire process but the fact that we have been able to contribute so much of our own personal touches to this entire experience (without breaking the bank!) has made this process such a joy. In my opinion, the whole point of a marriage ceremony and reception is to celebrate the love you and your partner share with all your loved ones, so the fact that we have so much of our personality tied into our whole weekend makes it so much more special… instead of just replicating the same ole’ same ole’ wedding routine.

I just can’t wait for us to be with all of our favorite people in our favorite place…


Soon to be Mrs. Welton